Tesla Supercharger and Destination Charging

With us you have the possibility to charge your Tesla® or another common electric vehicle. For vehicles of the Model S, Model X and Model 3 as well as Model Y series, 16 Superchargers V3 are available at the Hotel Brunnenhof, with a maximum charging capacity of 250 kilowatts per vehicle.

On our house parking lot you have the possibility to charge a 7 kWh type 2 wall charger for Tesla or other electric vehicles. Before your arrival, we ask you to contact us to inquire about availability.

You are welcome to reserve one of these parking spaces when you book your room, so that you can charge your vehicle overnight and have it (just like you) “recharged” the next morning.

All information as well as additional links and content can be found on official Destination Charging website.

Price for charging via a wall charger: €0.80 per kilowatt hour.